Fantasy Five            Week 9 Fantasy 5

      QB Colin Kaepernick vs Saints

RB Ezekiel Elliot @ Browns

WR Antonio Brown @ Ravens

WR Donte Moncrief @ Packers

TE  Kyle Rudolph vs Lions

Week 9 Value

RB Charcandrick West vs Jags


So from now on we are just going to not discuss the I word as I just cant get away from it this week.  At least Kelce came through in a big way that should have saved a lot of the Julio and Evans catastrophes. Thats the beauty of DFS is that none of that shit matters this week. I actually like this week a lot, so lets take a look at what we got.

QB- Colin Kaepernick

Risky plays start here. God i cant believe I am saying this but if not this week when? Colin Kaepernick baby! I will be the first to admit this is the furthest from a sure bet, and god knows Chip could bench him at any moment but the matchup is something im hoping to take advantage of this week. The Saints aren’t good with pass defense, or rush defense. Kap has the ability to take advantage of both. Hopefully the risk pays off this week.

RB- Ezekiel Elliot

Now that we got the risk out of the way, lets get to the chalk. Zeke is going to be the highest owned player on the day and it wont be close. I just dont have it in me to fade him in a game versus the Browns who are a great matchup, and Zeke is the most important part of the Cowboys offense. Cleveland gives up almost 130 yards a game on the ground and thats only behind the 49ers in the NFL. I see no reason to fade him other then game theory, and this week doesnt seem worth it.

WR- Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown is never going to be cheaper then he is right now. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but rumors are that Big Ben will play this week. He is a must play at under 9k with Ben back in the fold. Ravens are a good defense, and you never know how a division game is going to go, but when everything is against you, I vote AB.

WR- Donte Moncrief

Welcome to the highest total of the night exposure. Moncrief is my favorite target in the game. Moncrief has had a TD in 2 of the 3 games he has played this year. There is also the possibility that Hilton misses the game completely, or plays through an injury which should make Moncrief the focus of the offense. Moncrief comes as a decent discount which makes him a must play in this game.

TE- Kyle Rudolph

Rudolph might be the chalk at tight end this week, but there arent a lot of options and I like his upside. Detroit is giving up 15.84 points a week to the tight end, and i expect a bounce back week from the Vikings coming off 2 straight losses. To be honest I considered Bradford this week thats how high I think of this offense this week. I expect them to attack the weakness in the Detroit defense and that is with Kyle Rudolf.

Week 9 Value- Charcandrick West

The sites did a good job with not letting West be minimum this week, but hes still cheap enough to get you the value you need. West gets to take advantage of an offense which heavily relies on the run. Charles and Ware are out this week, which means West is going to get a heavy workload against a Jags defense which gives up almost 100 yards a game on the ground, and over 5 catches a game to the running backs. This gives West a great floor to work off of, and a heavy workload gives him some nice upside as well.

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