Feed Leads

What do feeds do?

  • Feeds allows users to create or join their own specific sports communities (i.e. Ravens talk, Gameday pictures, Madden gamers, etc). Making it easy and fun for users to engage with one another.

What do feed leads do?

  • Feed leads are ones that create these communities and have somewhat of a large following elsewhere (on social media etc).

What am I supposed to do with these feed leads?

  • After learning about the ins and outs of the feeds update, you want to teach them about the product. Then you want them to create their own “main” feed and keep track of this feed name (case sensitive). Now since users can create up to 3 feeds, make sure every feed lead has 1 main one (this may for example be the same name as say their viral Instagram account). Let these feed leads know that b/c they are working directly with uSTADIUM their feed will be up to be verified (next update) and up for revenue share and promotions (via us) opportunities in the future.

What is the benefit to a feed lead?

  • There are 3 general benefits to being a feed lead at uSTADIUM:
      1. You will be promoted directly to your core audience, NFL fans. So it will be easier for say random Browns fans to find the “Down with Damon” feed (a Browns feed).
      2. We will promote your account as our main “Browns Feed” on social media. So our followers on Twitter and Instagram will have your feed promoted to them and this will only happen to feeds that are verified (through the Feed Lead account manager program).
      3. Revenue share opportunities. At some point feed leads will be able to activate sponsorship opportunities inside their feed, where they will receive a percentage (%) of the revenue. Do not discuss specific numbers yet, but you can say that the portion of ad revenue will be more beneficial than what Youtube does for their users.

How do I reach out and become a manager?

  • First you need your own email. This email shouldn’t be a crazy sounding either. If you need to make a new email, go to gmail, and make sure it’s short and sweet.
  • Second, you need to contact these feed leads and tell them about the feature and the program we have for them.

What do I say in this email?

  • Contact Kevin, Shane or Steve at uSTADIUM to receive the most recent feed lead/account manager emails.

Do I still need to fish?

  • No you do not. As long as you’re doing this right 😉

What’s in it for me?

  • you will be up for your own personal revenue share opportunities
  • potential future employment opportunities at uSTADIUM
  • resume builder
  • becoming a beast entrepreneur (prob most important)

When do I start?

  • When the update launches 🙂 + either myself, Nick, Kevin, Shane or Steve activates you. Ask us.

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