Could you imagine how happy you would be as a Fantasy football player this year if you had a running back who scored 20 touchdowns this year? How about 25? Yeah you would be ecstatic. How about 31? Okay, you are probably like what the hell are you alluding to … ALLOW ME TO RE-INTRODUCE MYSLEF …

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Well that is exactly what new HOF running back LaDainian Tomlinson did in 2006. Tomlinson, who was recently inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame over the weekend had one of the greatest seasons of any player in any sport in 2006. In 2006, Lt rushed for 1815 yards and 28 Touchdowns. Give me that stat line now! Oh wait, he also had 56 catches for 508 yards and 3 TD’s. My god that’s amazing! Now the real kicker, he tacked on 20 passing yards and another 2 TD’s. Talk about a season. That is why LaDainian Tomlinson holds the Fantasy scoring record with 474.3 PPR points in a season that WILL NEVER BE BROKEN. Like I said LT is going into the HOF this weekend, look at some of his seasons here. I mean just take a look at some of his other seasons as one of the greatest running backs ever, nothing even came close to the production he put up in 2006. In comparison to this last fantasy football season, where David Johnson had one of the best seasons ever, and only finished with 407.8 PPR points. LT had a season that has outscored every position player in fantasy football by a mile, and unless the NFL regresses to a time where running backs get heavy work again, LT had a season that we will never see again.

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