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The NFL’s “Legal Tampering” period is set to being on Tuesday March 7th at 12 PM EST. No it’s not technically free agency, but it kind of is. SO what does “legal tampering” mean? Isn’t that an oxymoron like “JUMBO shrimp?” Yes. Basically. But DUDES ARE ABOUT TO GET PAID!!!! 

Just last year the NFL tweaked their negotiating period, loosening its restrictions on how teams and agents can negotiate prior to the start of the free agency period. In years past, most teams and agents would simply negotiate on the side prior to the start of the free agency period. You would get these mega contracts, miraculously signed the second free agency started. The NFL knew there was funny business going on in the form of agents/teams talking before they were technically allowed to, so they decided to allow a period in which this became “legal.”

So here is what will go down in the next few days. 

The NFL’s 2-day “Legal Tampering” period begins Tuesday March 7th at 12 PM EST and lasts until the start of the new league year on Thursday March 9th at 4 PM EST.

During the two-day period, teams have the right to negotiate “all aspects of an NFL player contract” with the certified agent of an impending free agent. Figures can be exchanged on a deal, but nothing can be agreed to or announced before the start of free agency on Thursday.

A free agent is not permitted to visit with a team other than their current team. Furthermore a player cannot be in contact with a team that is not their own. Only the agent can communicate on the player’s behalf during this period. If a player acts as his own agent, he is at a disadvantage as he CANNOT communicate with other teams before Thursday.

No deals will be “official” until the start of the new league year on Thursday March 9th at 4 PM EST.

So as we saw last year, we will get a rush of BREAKING NEWS as soon as the tampering period beings. The NFL Combine, which took place this past weekend, is where agents and GMs/team reps do a lot of their business. Trades, contract discussions, etc. 

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